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Building armored vehicles for cash in transit

Armored Bank Vans

If you’re moving smaller amounts of cash but still need a safe, secure vehicle to service your ATM’s or cash-in-transit needs, an armored van is a good choice.

Armored Bank Van

Product Features for Armored Bank Vans, Cash-In-Transit Vans, and ATM Vans


  • Armored on six sides: front, rear, roof, floor, sidewalls and doors
  • Standard protection armored to ballistic levels specified by customer
  • Armored OEM driver, front passenger doors, curbside cargo door and rear door
  • Solid bulkhead partition with bullet resistant window, gunport, and speak-thru screens separates the front and rear cargo area
  • All glass bullet resistant glass/poly/glass low spall laminate
  • Messenger seat in rear with protective cage


  • Additional air conditioner and heater for the rear compartment
  • 12 volt circulation fans at rear seat
  • Roof air vents in front and rear compartments
  • OEM dome lights front and rear


  • Body equipped with two fire extinguishers. One in front and one in rear compartment
  • Body equipped with D.O.T. safety equipment
  • Rear compartment seat equipped with three point retractable safety  belts
  • Exterior high security lock cylinders
  • Door ajar security systems and gate latches on all doors
  • 100 watt siren / PA


  • Driver and rear messenger control panels
  • Electrical power distribution panel for all body wiring to separate body and chassis wiring systems
  • Switch panel with lighted switches


  • Exterior paint: one-color DuPont Imron paint
  • Interior paint: zoletone splatter

Optional Features

  • Increased ballistic level to Customer requirements.
  • No spall glass
  • Curved ballistic windshield
  • Side module replacing OEM side cargo doors in galvanized or stainless steel
  • Electric door lock systems for all doors
  • Cameras, monitors and DVR recorders
  • GPS systems
  • Interior drop safes
  • Currency safe
  • Radio mounts and antennas
  • Custom designed and installed decals
  • Special custom painting
  • ATM package including cassettes, shelves and work stations
  • DC to AC power inverters
  • Roof RV type air conditioner
  • ATM machines
  • Automatic awnings
  • Check cashing drawers, windows and work stations
  • Diesel or gas generators

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