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Building armored vehicles for cash in transit

Armored Cars

Armored cars provide personal protection for diplomats, government officials, military officers, private contractors and all those in high risk situations. We can armor all makes and models of cars.

Armored Cars - BMW

Product Features for Armored Cars


  • Armored on six sides: front, rear, roof, floor, sidewalls and doors
  • Standard protection armored to ballistic levels specified by customer
  • Transparent armor:
    • Windshield – armored curved to OEM shape
    • Door glass – armored curved to OEM shape
    • Quarter panel glass – OEM exterior with flat glass module to interior
    • Rear partition – flat glass in partition behind rear hatch or door
  • Battery and CPU armored
  • Firewall, A-pillars, B-pillars, and C-pillars armored
  • Wheel wells and all interior cab surfaces armored
  • Armored bulkhead with cargo door and glass installed behind OEM rear door
  • Standard overlap protection around all glass
  • Carpet or vinyl installed on rear bulkhead, side window modules, and overlaps
  • Door hinges reinforced

Optional Features

  • Runflat tire inserts
  • Floor blast blankets to two DM 51 grenades
  • Operational door glass
  • Self sealing fuel tank
  • Armor shielded fuel tank
  • PA system
  • Strobe lights
  • Gun ports
  • Upgraded suspension
  • Upgraded brakes
  • Radiator protection

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