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Building armored vehicles for cash in transit

Armored Bank Trucks

We carry several styles of armored money trucks, also known as cash-in-transit trucks or bank trucks. Depending on your payload weight and security needs, we can outfit you with the armored truck that is right for you.

Armored Bank Trucks

Product Features for All Bank Route and Coin Trucks


  • Armored on six sides: front, rear, roof, floor, sidewalls and doors
  • Standard galvanized exterior steel armored to ballistic levels specified by customer
  • Armored driver, front passenger doors, curbside cargo door and single rear door
  • Solid bulkhead partition with bullet resistant window, gunport, and speak-thru screens separates the front and rear cargo area
  • Messenger seat in rear with L-shaped protective cage
  • All glass bullet resistant glass/poly/glass low spall laminate
  • Gunports under all windows
  • Polished aluminum treadplate key guards


  • Additional air conditioner and heater for the rear compartment
  • 12 volt circulation fans at all seat locations
  • Roof air vents in front and rear compartments
  • Recessed dome lights front and rear


  • Body equipped with two fire extinguishers. One in front and one in rear compartment
  • Body equipped with D.O.T. safety equipment
  • All seats equipped with three point retractable safety belts
  • Exterior high security lock cylinders and rotary latches Standard slam lock (to prevent accidental opening)
  • Door ajar security systems and gate latches on all doors
  • 100 watt siren / PA


  • Driver and rear messenger control panels
  • Electrical power distribution panel for all body wiring to separate body and chassis wiring systems
  • Switch panel with lighted switches


  • Exterior paint: one-color DuPont Imron paint
  • Interior paint: zoletone splatter

Optional Features

  • Exterior upgraded to stainless steel
  • Increased ballistic level to Customer requirements.
  • No spall glass
  • Electric Door Lock Systems for All Doors
  • Dual Control Locking Systems
  • Partition with walk thru door
  • Inter-Lock Systems
  • Cameras, Monitors and DVR Recorders
  • GPS Systems
  • Interior Drop Safes
  • Currency safe
  • Cargo control E track and load bars
  • Radio Mounts and Antennas
  • Custom Designed and Installed Decals
  • Custom Painting
  • Double Rear Doors, Rollup and Full Opening Coin Type Rear Doors
  • Completely enclosed messenger compartment with glass on four sides*
  • Lift Gates: Both Tuck-A-Way and Rail Gates with Lift Capacities From 2,000 to 6,000 Lbs**
  • Check cashing drawers and windows
  • Generators

* Note: the B-Body Route Truck messenger compartment is not glass on four sides
**Note: the B-Body Route Truck does not have a lift gate


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