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Building armored vehicles for cash in transit

Security Doors & Windows

We manufacture industry-leading security doors, windows and turrets for armored terminals plus other architectural structures in need of security. Get peace of mind with our security doors & windows armored to your specifications.

Security Doors and Windows

Product Features for Security Doors & Security Windows

  • Standard B.R. Rating Level to customer specifications
  • Exterior fire exit 36” door
  • Interior fire exit 36” door
  • Exterior entrance trap 36” door
  • Interior entrance trap 36” door
  • Check in door up to 48″ width
  • Check in dutch door with shelf up to 48″ width
  • Window 36” x 48”
  • Window 36” x 48” with dip tray
  • Turret window with (3) 18” x 24” windows
  • Stand-In turret with (3) 18” x 24” windows

Optional Features

  • Slam Lock: Electric or lock cylinder
  • Dead bolt: key both sides, key/thumb turn, blank/thumb turn
  • Glass thickness
  • Pull handle location (inside or outside)
  • Dutch Door: fixed or movable shelf

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